Superposition of states

Official Music Video:  Single launched January 20, 2018

People of the Park

Official Music Video:  Single launched February 15, 2018

Sick Building Syndrome

Official Music Video:  Single launched March 18, 2018

How Smog Is Made

Official Music Video:  Single launched April 16, 2018

Stereo Stickman Reivew (January 2018)

"Hive Mind is about [a]s categorically conceptual as album releases can be.  Kevin Borland has put an unquestionable level of thought and effort into this project – the music alone guides you through the story line or thought process, but adding quite notably to the effect is the accompanying read-through that you can find over on his Home Page.  This album is unlike anything else you’ll have stumbled upon in quite some time. . .   The further you get into this project, the more the concept and connections within start to draw parallels with what you’ve witnessed around you – in whichever city it is that you roam. . .   Then you get Superposition of States, the first expected single from the collection, and suddenly there’s joy, jazz, rhythm, musical prowess, bright and hopeful singing. The arrangement of this project works beautifully. It’s really, extremely creative and detailed. . .   People Of The Park lays out a peaceful ambiance and a string of poetic, reflective ideas that remind you to consider the depth of this project and what it’s really saying to you. These are all issues that are affecting us right now, all over the world, in just about every city. . .   Sick Building Syndrome follows with an inescapable intensity, both musically, conceptually, and in the sheer emotion portrayed by the leading voice. . .   On How Smog Is Made, the Voice of Self-Organization appears with a light hearted tone, alongside of a youthful and somewhat hauntingly joyful ambiance. This sort of contrast is commonplace on the project, and it’s definitely one of its greatest strengths. . .   I will be listening to this project in full again to hopefully re-absorb it all. A definite recommend for fans of unusual, creatively free yet deeply thoughtful songwriting." - Rebecca Cullen

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B-b-b-b-buzz Zaa!

Violinist Jasmin "Jazzy" Rhia of Orlando, Florida, performs a cover version of the introduction to "Buzz Bar."