Music on MP3

Hive Mind (2018)

Kevin's concept album that explores the collective consciousness of a mega-city.  Features 12 songs including Superposition of States, People of the Park, Poughkeepsie Line Romance and Sick Building Syndrome.  Tracks available through

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Harbor City Meltdown (2016)

Kevin's first solo album, featuring 12 songs including Charlotte, Self Help Sunday, New Years Eve and Seven Last Rides.  Tracks available through

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Weekends Wit h Dan - The Big Sexy Single (2007)

Kevin's satire punk collaboration with Dan Damage (former Cleverneck vocalist), Jim Frint (regular guest on Animal Planet and former Descending Angel bassist) and Jeff McManus (drummer in the popular goth band Pist.On).  6 songs including Anna Rexia and the Ballad of Raggedy Andy.  Tracks available through

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Early Material on MP3

There's a Heaven (2005)

2005 remake of my earliest band single, originally recorded with Descending Angel in 1992.  Special appearances of Dan Damage and Missy Helmstetter (former Descending Angel vocalist) singing back-up vocals.  Track available through cdbaby.

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Spaghetti & Meatballs (1999)

Experimental EP with a heavy emphasis on electric guitar, featuring 6 tracks including 2 collaborations with drummer Jeff McManus, C'Mon Eileen and Spaghetti & Meatballs.  Tracks available through cdbaby.

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Cleverneck - Try a Little Harder (1998)

An early glam metal collaboration with Dan Damage and Rob Santiago (former Descending Angel drummer).  Track list for this extended single consists of Try a Little Harder, Do Anything, and Run.  Backgrounds on Run sung by Wes Williams (former Strawdogs/Crust vocalist).  Tracks available through cdbaby.

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