New Years Eve (Official Music video)

Independent Spotlight (2016 Review)

"In this evening’s edition of the Independent Spotlight, we delve into Kevin Borland, a veteran indie musician with an incredible past in the scene. His recent endeavors have been based out of Florida, where he’s taken time to immerse himself in the communities he pens songs about. One of those songs, ‘Harbor City Meltdown,’ was released last June. The summer-flavored epic is a witty jaunt through Borland’s musical and production talent. (He did write, perform, and record everything you hear on the song, as he did with a massive array of other tracks throughout last year.) 

 ‘Harbor City Meltdown’ is one of those tracks that infuses the energy of a scene into itself, and regardless of whether or not that energy is positive, it sounds like it is. ‘Harbor City Meltdown’ loosely touches on heavy mainstays in the Floridian neighborhood it’s based on: drug dealers, prostitutes, etc. It takes that content, however, and plays with it lightly, actually creating an atmosphere of anticipation for a night on the town. 

 If I were to align this with another act, I’d say its lyrical and instrumental style is akin to Bruce Springsteen and his early Asbury Park musings. It isn’t quite as bombastic or poetic, but the landscape it attempts to craft is very similar." - Brett David Stewart

Charlotte (Official Music Video)

Live Music Store Appearance (2015 Melbourne Florida)

Independent Film Appearance (2015)

Kevin played the villain and performed and produced all of the songs for the film's soundtrack, including the original song Disconnected, co-written with film-maker Nick Ram.

Cleverneck (Live 1999 Randolph New Jersey)

Strawdogs (Live 1995 Cambridge Massachusetts)

MIT Battle of the Bands Repeat Champions (1993 & 1994)

"The third band was a cover band called Strawdogs; they had the fire that Hidden Agenda lacked. Band frontman Wes Williams '96 opened the set with the comment: 'The last time we played some people got arrested. Please don't hurt anyone.' It was a fair request, because the set list was a hard-rocking crowd pleaser with a strong Seattle tilt: Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Queensryche, Guns 'n' Roses, and a strong Metallica finish. Williams covered the songs well, but more importantly, he had an excellent stage presence that really got the crowd involved in the set. But the real star of the show was lead guitarist Kevin Borland '96, who handled the most intricate melodies with great skill." - Dan Dunn (The Tech)

Descending Angel (Live 1990 Hardyston NJ)

Kevin's first live performance, age 15, at the local church dance.

Goodbye Spaceman (Tribute to David Bowie)

This "Vietnamese Booty Dance Remix" is accompanied by a performance art piece featuring spoken word and interpretive dance performed by singer and model Y Mai of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  The original uncut version of the song can be found as a B-side on the Poughkeepsie Line Romance EP (available on Amazon and iTunes) that preceeded the "Hive Mind" album as a teaser for the project.


 ห่วงใย (พลพล)